What are the benefits of dog grooming?

We all know our pets need a good scrub from time to time, most likely because they’ve found something stinky to roll in. But have you considered the health benefits involved in professional dog grooming? Or the possible implications if you don’t have your pet groomed regularly? There are a whole range of reasons why it’s important to invest in a good dog grooming routine. We’ve outlined the main benefits of dog grooming below.

Regular dog grooming promotes good health

Think of professional dog grooming like a mini MOT for your pooch. A thorough groom, carried out by a qualified dog groomer, is likely to unearth any unusual changes on your dog’s body. This is because a dog groomer has the knowledge and experience to notice changes you might be unaware of. This means issues are likely to be spotted earlier, treated more easily and could save you money in vet bills.
Regular dog grooming not only helps to aid early detection of health issues, it also keeps your dog’s coat and skin in good condition. Here are some examples:
• It helps to reduce discomfort in your dog by removing matted or excess fur which can cause pain and irritation
• Keeps the coat clean, reducing the build up of bacteria
• Reduces the amount of shedding (which is a benefit for your home too!)
• Reduces the risk of infection in your dog’s eyes, ears, skin, teeth and nails
• It’s a good way of looking out for fleas and ticks
• It involves nail trimming which is important for your dog’s posture

Using a professional dog groomer increases your pet’s socialisation

Socialising your pet is hugely important, especially for puppies. Having them groomed can be an integral part of this. Using a dog groomer gets your pet used to different situations and sensations, as well as being handled by different people. This can help them feel comfortable and relaxed during times when they need to be examined, such as by the vet.
Grooming Marvellous offers a tailored ‘puppy intro’ package which is perfect for your puppy’s first groom. Here your puppy will get used to the bath, brushes, dryer and the sensation of clippers (if applicable). For more information, have a look at our dog grooming services page.

And finally, using a professional dog groomer ensures your pet looks (and feels) stylish!

We all experience that extra boost of confidence after we’ve been pampered at the hairdressers. So why would it be any different for your dog? You’ve probably noticed it in your own pet when they come bouncing out of the dog grooming salon with excitement. They’re bound to feel great after being freed from any uncomfortable knots or dirt.
Now let’s talk about the style of the cut. A qualified dog groomer is fully trained in what style of cut is appropriate for which breed or type of coat. They have the experience to recommend a style which would suit your pet, or advise ways to improve your dog’s condition. At the end of the groom, your pampered pooch will not only look fabulous, but they’ll also smell beautiful too.

Want to know more?

Grooming Marvellous is proud to offer a relaxed and friendly dog grooming service, tailored to suit your pet’s needs. Whether you’re looking to introduce your puppy to its first groom, or you have a nervous dog which needs a calm and understanding dog groomer, we’re here to help. For more information, have a look at our dog grooming services page.

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